August 2014

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A New Religion

Ollie Skinner

I have been blessed to have been given the privilege of translating the Scroll of Mammon. The Scroll explains so much of the mess that we find ourselves in in the present day.

People who study the so-called science of economics, will no doubt pooh-pooh the whole thing. These people think that the economy can be fixed with science, but that is hogwash—horseradish. Only with belief are all things possible. So it says in the Scroll of Mammon.

Economarians may not like it. These economonistic heathens pretend that they know what is going on. They make a lot of money by promoting their so-called science. Economics is a huge scam. I talked to a former economonarianist and he said it was all a crock.

They think that they can predict what human beings will do. That is just impossible because people are famously unpredictable. People must be tightly controlled if you want to have any say in what they do over the long term. That tight control is not cost effective and very hard to justify unless your ruling cabal is a compact and efficient unit.

"...economonistic heathens pretend that they know what is going on..."

A good way to keep costs down is to limit participation in the economic arena. For effective central planning, the ruling class must have total control over the hearts and minds of it’s citizens.

All of this is spelled out in the tomes of the scroll of the book that I have. It is sacred and infallible. I will write more about this magnificent scroll soon.

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