August 2014

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The Sick Truth About Your McNuggets

Just see where they come from... if you dare.

Chicken Nuggets



Astrologist to the Stars

This week's star is Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri is in the constellation of Centaurus which makes it nervous and temperamental. Its favorite color is yellow, like its intense nuclear core. Although, not detected yet by scientists, we wouldn't be surprised to see a planet or two circling this whirling gas ball of fun and mischief.

Night of the Podcast

Scary Podcast

The Top Five Numbers that are Less than Six

Ollie Skinner

A New Religion

Ollie Skinner

I have been blessed to have been given the privilege of translating the Scroll of Mammon. The Scroll explains so much of the mess that we find ourselves in in the present day. People who study the so-called science of economics, will no doubt pooh-pooh the whole thing.

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips